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Parent Questions

We have doors and gates, covered outlets, and latches on cabinets; easy-to-find emergency numbers (fire, poison control); age-appropriate toys; surfaces that are disinfected regularly. All employees wear a vest and name tag. Your child will only be released to individuals approved on the enrolment form!

… cloth diaper? Visit for lunchtime breastfeeding sessions? Bring a lovey? Ask if special requests are doable. YES YOU CAN! We strive to accommodate each child’s needs and make their stay with us a memorable, fun and wonderful experience.

Change is tough for babies and toddlers, so it's good to have a heads-up on all major transitions. Our staff has been trained on a number of techniques to help a child transition. A great help is to let us know what your child loves to engage in and play with. We have practically any toy available, and a pet to feed too.


For children ages 2 years old to 12, we strive for a ratio for 6-8 children per teacher.

We will contact you via text message when a fever is developing, to prepare for possible pick up since we cannot care for children with a fever of 101F. If a child vomits more than twice and has diarrhea, we need to call for pick up. We have to be strict on illnesses because we care for little ones that are still building an immune system and quite susceptible to illnesses.

Try to stage your mountain visit. Spend a few days at 5000 to 7000 feet before going to the high country. Take it easy on the day of arrival. Some exercise (like short walks) is important but take rest breaks. Gradually increase the amount of exercise during the second and third days. Have your child drink a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration. While mountain climbing, gain only 1000 feet per day. If your child has had severe altitude sickness before, talk to your healthcare provider about taking Diamox tablets (a prescription medicine) for prevention in the future. Follow this link for specific information on altitude sickness and young children.

The more information flowing between you and the childcare provider, the better – we make phone calls, send texts, emails, and update our Facebook page regularly (Superior Child Care). Parents of infants will receive as daily log of their child’s day.

Families are welcome at all times! Feel free to sit in the front entry room and watch for a while to get a feel for how things run.

Staff Questions

Staff have all gone through orientation training and are gentle and nurturing. We respond quickly to crying. Please stop and talk to the staff, ask questions and give us the opportunity to share our knowledge. We are a team and the goal is to care for a child as a parent’s right hand.

Baby Questions

Yes, We partner with Mountainside Sitters to offer top-quality evening child care.  You can view their website to learn more about their rates and availability.

Yes, Babies should never be grouped with older children. The infant room is be equipped with cribs, a changing tables, a refrigerator, bottle warmers and rocking chairs for nursing moms or caregivers who need to feed or soothe a crying baby. We have a large area with a comfortable rug for plenty of supervised tummy time.


To thrive, babies need lots of one-on-one attention — being held, talked to and rocked. That means a maximum of three babies per caregiver is mandated and followed.