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The Superior Summer Camp Details

Location: The summer camp's main location is on level 1 of the Cliff Lodge, taking advantage of its natural surroundings and recreational facilities to provide a well-rounded camp experience. 

Duration: The camp will run for a period of 10 weeks, starting from the first week of June and concluding in mid-August. This duration covers a significant portion of the summer break, providing parents with a reliable option for childcare during this time. Transportation will be provided from the base of the canyon. Light breakfast, a healthy lunch, and snacks will be included as well.

Age Group: The summer camp will cater to children aged 5 to 10, ensuring that the activities and curriculum are tailored to their developmental needs and interests.

Educational Activities: The camp will offer a diverse range of educational activities, including STEM workshops, art and craft sessions, nature exploration, and interactive learning experiences that promote critical thinking and creativity. Each week will have a specific theme to keep the camp engaging and exciting. Themes could include "Science and Discovery," "Outdoor Adventure," "Art and Creativity," and more.

Safety and Staffing: All staff members will undergo rigorous background checks, First Aid and CPR training to ensure the safety and well-being of the campers as well as relevant early childhood education topics. Adequate supervision will always be maintained, and staff-to-camper ratios will be in accordance with Ms. Ilse’s standards. 

Registration and Pricing: Pricing will be competitive and transparent, covering all activities, transport, meals, and materials required during the camp. 

Parent Engagement: Regular communication will be maintained with parents through the Brightwheel app. The camp sends photos of their child’s experience throughout the day. Parents will have the opportunity to participate in select camp activities and events as well.